VCA Citizen-15 Stripped Lower


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M16 cut stripped lower receiver (no auto sear pin hole) forged right here in Virginia. Finished with KG Gunkote to a fine black finish, these M16 lowers are the building blocks of our Citizen rifles and make a great choice for your next rifle project. CNC cut with computer-aided manufacturing, these lowers are efficiently and accurately machined to a fine finish and individually inspected and measured before they are available for sale, so you know you can rely on these lowers to be in-spec every single time. Selector marked as SAFE, SEMI, FULL. These are semi-automatic lowers in their retail condition. Only federally licensed and permitted entities may legally alter these lowers to enable select-fire operations. These lowers can not be made to function in a select-fire role without significant alterations and machining.

Mil-spec, forged, low shelf lowers made here in Purcellville, VA for citizens everywhere!

Low serial number units still available.