NFA Trust w/ Lifetime Edits and Updates


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Gun trusts are different from traditional trusts. Unless you have firearms that are regulated under the National Firearms Act or plan to acquire some, you likely do not need one. That’s because the gun trust is designed with the NFA in mind.

A gun trust is a revocable trust. It can be terminated by the person setting it up (the trustor). Because it is revocable, it does not provide protection from creditors. It provides protection from the ATF. The main benefit of a gun trust is flexibility. It allows multiple trustees. Trustees are the persons that administer a trust and are responsible for it. So long as those trustees are 18 years of age or older, they can legally have possession of NFA-related items (suppressors, etc.) that would otherwise be impermissible.

Firearms that are regulated by the NFA are often referred to as Title II or Class 3 weapons. These types of weapons include silencers and suppressors, short-barreled rifles and shotguns, and machine guns (full automatic weapons).

VCA recommends that ALL purcahsers of NFA items set up an NFA Gun Trust prior to acquiring items like suppressors or SBRs.