Gemtech – Dagger – Black


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Gemtech buffs rejoice: The Dagger can is here. An all-titanium direct-thread suppressor designed for use on semi-auto 300 WM precision rifles, the Dagger brings a wealth of versatility to the table. Although it is rated down to an 18” barrel in this magnum cartridge, it is also more than capable of suppressing all smaller rounds. Currently available in 5/8×24 TPI, this is a serviceable .30 caliber silencer that happens to be rated for use on .308 SBRs down to a 12” barrel. (Is your mind blown?)


Headquartered in Boise, ID, Gemtech has a stellar reputation as an innovative and primo silencer manufacturer. With the sturdy yet lightweight (15.3 ounces) Dagger can, Gemtech’s reputation will only shine brighter moving forward. At a length of 8.8”, this durable suppressor provides shooters a solid can that remains easily controllable while firing.


Further Intel

Using the original Gemtech GMT-300WM as its base, the Dagger is the end result of a mini-makeover, including an appealing Cerakote™ finish and a newly-logoed endcap. Throw in heavy-duty Inconel blast baffles, and you have a suppressor that is built to last (and outlast the competition). If further proof of its strength is needed, the Dagger was designed to withstand the rigorous SOCOM Military Standards. To put it simply, it is a beast of a silencer… And you should own it.


Rapid Fire

  • Full-auto rated!
  • Sound reduction: 27 dB
  • Build material: titanium
  • Finish: high-temp black Cerakote™


What’s In the Box?

  • Tan nylon utility pouch with closure and belt loop hitch for personal transport
  • Target for shooting practice
  • User manual