BLACKHAWK – Knoxx SpecOps Gen III Stock – Fits Remington 870


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  • Two-stage patented recoil reduction system
  • Six-position adjustable stock with 12.5″ to 15.2″ length of pull range
  • Forend with integrated handstop


The BLACKHAWK Knoxx SpecOps Stock with Recoil Suppression Technology effectively reduces felt recoil by up to 80%, taking the original SpecOps Stock to an even higher level of effectiveness, performance and reliability. Utilizing dual recoil-compensation systems, this rugged synthetic stock improves shooter confidence, reduces muzzle flip, decreases cheek-slap and virtually eliminates harsh recoil. With improved ergonomics and six convenient adjustment positions, any-size shooter can use the SpecOps Stock comfortably in any application and with any load.