Advanced Technology – H&R/New England Stock – 6-Position


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  • Fits most H&R/NEF 12″ 16″ & 20 Ga” 410″ H&R and NEF single shot shotguns or rifles
  • Length of pull: 10 3/4″ to 14 3/4″
  • Easy installation


The Advanced Technology Int. Shotforce Six-Position Adjustable Pistol Grip Stock & Forend Package fits most H&R/NEF 12, 16, & 20 Ga, 410, H&R and NEF single shot shotguns or rifles. Does not fit the H&R Pardner Pump or Youth Model Firearms. It is compact for transport and carry, has a textured grip for increased control and accuracy and its ribbed forend provides a stable forward grip for all shooters. The length of pull is 10 3/4″ to 14 3/4″. It is easy to install and all mounting hardware is included. Made in the USA.